New Jolt Fulfillment System Features


We hope to include past and future updates here.


Recent Updates:
PO Item Import:
Now you can upload a bulk list of items into your Wholesale Customer PO's and Vendor PO's!

Inventory History: We have improved the inventory tracking including time, user who made the update, previous qty,  related orders etc. This allows you to see he step by step progression of you inventory. This also allows you to run reports for inventory value on a given date.


Coming Soon:
Internal Task/Ticket Tool: This tool will include the ability to tag orders/items or reports and assign a related task. You can also just create general task. Tasks can be assigned to users with due date and status.

Delivery/Route & Mobile Web App: This tool will  allow you to create a route for deliver and use the mobile web app to mark orders delivered , accept a signature and take a picture of the delivery. Order Drop offs can be viewed in list view sorted by distance or map view!


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